How can I change the software configuration after installation?

The TAO Platform is organized as an aggregate of extensions so that configuration files are distributed among multiple locations on the file system. Each module like Items, Groups or Tests has its own configuration file.

  • TAO Meta-extension: path_to_tao/tao/manifest.php
  • File Manager: path_to_tao/filemanager/manifest.php
  • Generis: path_to_tao/generis/common/conf/db.conf.php
  • Generis: path_to_tao/generis/common/conf/generis.conf.php
  • Delivery: path_to_tao/taoDelivery/manifest.php
  • Groups: path_to_tao/taoGroups/manifest.php
  • Items: path_to_tao/taoItems/manifest.php
  • Results: path_to_tao/taoResults/manifest.php
  • Subjects: path_to_tao/taoSubjects/manifest.php
  • Tests: path_to_tao/taoTests/manifest.php
  • Workflow Engine: path_to_tao/wfEngine/manifest.php
  • Workflow Engine Authoring: _path_totao/wfAuthoring/manifest.php

I cannot see anything in the Item/Test library.

Please make sure that the JSON PHP extension is loaded on your web server. You can check if the JSON extension is loaded by using the phpinfo() function. Maybe PHP was compiled with the —disable-json or —disable-all directive. More information about the JSON extension here.

The error “Fatal error: class ‘DomDocument’ not found in …” appears on the screen.

Please make sure that the DOM PHP extension is loaded on your web server. This extension may be deactivated if PHP was compiled with the —disable-dom directive. Use the phpinfo() function to get a list of loaded extensions. More information about the DOM extension here.

The text “{qti_interaction_new}” appears when I add a new QTI interaction to my item.

This occurs when the PHP tidy extension is not loaded. You can check whether the extension is loaded with the phpinfo() function. Get more information on how to install the tidy extension here.

How do I backup my MySQL database ?

mysqldump --user=[username] --password[password] [database_name] > backup.sql

Which privileges does my database user need to properly run TAO?

It depends on the Database Management System you chose to run TAO. Please refer to the DatabaseUserPrivileges|Database User Privileges page for more information.

Apache mod_rewrite is correctly installed but I still have 404 Page Not Found Errors.

Check if your Apache configuration contains an AllowOverride statement set to None. It might prevent TAO .htaccess files to be correctly processed.