This section describes how to install and upgrade the TAO PHP application on your web server. Before doing so, please be sure that your Web server meets all the technical Requirements.

Install the TAO Platform

Microsoft Windows

A Microsoft Windows platform specific is available to deploy a TAO Platform.

  • InstallWindowsApacheMySQL|TAO on Microsoft Windows with Apache2 & mySQL using WampServer
  • InstallWindowsMAMP|How to install TAO using MAMP on Windows
  • Windows packages for local trials

Linux Distributions

Linux users will get installation information in a specific installation guide.

  • InstallCentOSApacheMySQL|TAO on CentOS, Red Hat, Fedora, Amazon Linux with Apache2 & mySQL
  • InstallUbuntuApacheMySQL|TAO on Debian, Ubuntu with Apache2 & mySQL


There is currently an experimental MacOS X distribution (10.4 and later). This distribution includes all source files, but you need first to install MAMP. See the Tao_mac|comprehensive tutorial for more details and package download. MAMP can be downloaded from‎ (follow the instruction given there to install MAMP).

RaspBerry platform

Raspberry| RaspBerry Installation page

Upgrade the TAO Platform