1. Coding Standards

When contributing to TAO you must follow its coding standards.

TAO decided to follow standards defined in PSR-1 PSR-2 and we start to update our autoload strategy to fit PSR-4. New contributions may fulfill those requirements.

  1. Unit Testing

In order to try and improve code Quality for TAO we are using PHP Unit

h3 Installation and usage

PHPUnit installation Guide and manual

Class to extends to build your own test case GenerisPhpUnitTestRunner or TaoPhpUnitTestRunner depending where you are

A global testsuite is available in the root to launch all tests.


  • Test all classes
  • Test Isolated methods
  • Avoid Non-regression, improve refactoring
  • Run TestSuites very often
  • Mostly Test logical part of the application


  • One Class, one TestCase
  • Test all non-trivial methods
  • Build separate TestSuite for different parts of the application.