Every Computer-based assessment projects are different. From an education perspective to a human resources management environment, needs and challenges are different. The TAO platforms aim at addressing the whole range of needs that may apply in computer-based assessment.

TAO’s Community’s members represent an important part of the creation of TAO to provide feedback and input on how TAO should evolve.

If you are interested in installing TAO for testing purpose in your own environment, you will find more information in Installation and upgrading guide and if you have any input/feedbacks or comment that can help development team to improve TAO, do not hesitate to sign in the TAO Forge.

As a member of the TAO forge, you will then have access to bug tracking and feature requests systems in order to add issues (See guide How Issues works) or comment on existing issues, you will also be able to participate to team discussion about TAO in the forum.

Different versions to test


http://alpha.taotesting.com\ login : alpha\ password : alpha\ All data on this instance are removed regularly.

Here we host the latest version of TAO, this version gathers the last features that have been developed and which have not been tested yet. It is updated from Subversion and reinstalled regularly, many works in progress may break some features.


http://beta.taotesting.com\ login : beta\ password : beta\ All data on this instance are removed regularly.

Here we host a more stable version, either the latest beta version or the latest release candidate we wanted to test. Most of the basic features should work fine and give you a preview of what the next TAO version will be.


http://demo.taotesting.com\ login : demo\ password : demo\ All data on this instance are removed regularly (see the sandbox timer on the page footer).

Here we host the latest stable TAO version.