1. Open Source

By choosing Open Source, TAO Right Holders decided to turn an intellectual monopoly into a positive opportunity of collaboration.

Although TAO is open source, some rules apply and shall be respected. Collaboration is based on trust.

Trust is built on facts and clear rules.

  1. GNU GPL v2

Our software is released under the GNU GPL v2 (non-upgradable). Our trademarks are licensed under a specific license. Although our code is free, it is very important that we strictly enforce our trademark rights, in order to keep them valid. Our trademarks include, among other things, the logos of TAO® and Generis4®.

GPL v2 license…

  • grants freedom to run the software for any use purpose
  • grants freedom to modify the software
  • grants freedom to distribute the software (as is or modified)
  • requires distributed derivative works to be re-licensed under GPL v2
  • allows plug-ins and templates to be licensed under other terms
  • offers no warranty
  1. Legal Security

In order to ensure legal security to the benefit of the community and the project

  • code is regularly audited,
  • third party components are used accordingly to their license,
  • contributors are invited to sign the “contributor license agreement”.
  1. Contributor license agreement

Contributor license agreement (CLA) is required for every submitted contribution.

CLA allows granting the TAO project a license on all necessary intellectual property (IP) rights for each contribution.

All IP rights belong to the contributor.

  1. Trademarks policies

TAO trademarks policies set up the rules to diffuse and promote TAO.

However derivative works based on TAO should change their name. Services and commercial exploitation of TAO should not confuse customers.

You do not have the right to use TAO Trademark (i.e., the name of TAO to distribute a modified software based on TAO.

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