Using the theme defined into the Style guide

The theme defined into the style guide is included into the Back Office. It comes from tao/views/css/tao-main-style.css

To prevent conflicts with current style, the style applies only to elements of a container with the class tao-scope. For example, to use buttons, you need to wrap them into a container with this class:

   Info button


TAO uses SASS to create the TAO main theme.


Main and bootstrap

The folder tao/views/scss/ contains the main theme (tao-main-style.scss) as well as a bootstrap (inc/bootstrap.scss) that provides variables, functions and mixins you can reuse into your own SASS files.

Extension’s custom styles

You can create your own style sheets into a specific extension. You need to create a structure according to the hierarchy described into Front Structure.

In extension’s SCSS files, include the bootstrap.

@import "inc/bootstrap";

.my-style { ... }

Do not forget to add the path to the bootstrap into your compiler’s options (--load-path=tao/views/scss)


In order to compile (or watch) your SASS files to the target CSS, you can either use:

  • The grunt task provided with TAO (see Front Tools)

  • The SASS CLI tool provided by SASS (requires ruby and the sass gem)

  • Your favorite IDE SASS plugin

Build using Grunt

To compile the main theme, you need the Front Tools up and running. Then open a terminal into tao/views/build.

For example to compile CSS files for the TAO extension :

grunt taosass

(grunt {nameOfTheExtension.toLowerCase()}sass)

To compile files as you edit (watching):

grunt watch:taosass

(grunt watch:{nameOfTheExtension.toLowerCase()}sass)

Your theme

To ensure your theme is compiled during the build phase, add new line into {extension}/views/build/grunt/sass.js (if the file does not exists, you can copy it from another extension)

By example, if you want taoQtiTest/views/scss/creator.scss to be compiled to taoQtiTest/views/css/creator.css, edit the file taoQtiTest/views/build/grunt/sass.js to add the line:

    sass.taoqtitest.files[root + 'css/creator.css'] = root + 'scss/creator.scss';