This page is deprecated and needs to be rewritten

Items’ migration

Why migrate items

Since the version 1.3 of TAO, we focus on new kind of Items and have decided to define the others as deprecated. In order to prevent the lost of your item and to use the new technologies, we provide a tool to migrate your deprecated items into one of the new item type.

\4=.Items types state _.Type QCM Campus Khos CTest HAWAI QTI Open Web Item

\2=.States Normal Deprecated Not implemented Experimental

How to migrate items

There is a command line script to run with a few arguments to migrate your items.

The script is located in taoItems/scripts and is called migrateLegacy.php

To run it

* On a Mac/Unix/Linux System:

cd taoItems/scripts
php migrateLegacy.php --arg1=value1 --arg2=value2

* On a Windows System:

CD taoItems\scripts
C:\PHP5\php.exe -f "migrateLegacy.php" -- -arg1=value1 -arg2=value2

To get the description of the script options, just launch it with the help argument.

Usage:php migrateLegacy.php [arguments]

\5=.Arguments _.Name input output uri addResource class pack

We can distinguish 3 scenarios:

  1. You have a TAO installation of a previous version (1.1 for instance) and you want to migrate all your items.
  2. You have some items files that you would like to convert but independently of a TAO installation.
  3. You have some items files that you would like to insert in a recent TAO distribution.

Regarding the scenario that match the best to your needs, you will run the script with a specific combination of arguments.

For example, for the second scenario, we will use the input, output and pack arguments. The command will look like this:

php migrateLegacy.php --input=path/to/myQCM.xml --output=path/to/newitem/folder/ --pack=true

or using the shortcuts syntax

php migrateLegacy.php -i path/to/myQCM.xml -o path/to/newitem/folder/ -p true