Install your LAMP Stack

Installation Directory

The very first thing to do is to decide where to install the TAO Platform. Because we want to install a Web Application, we will install TAO in the /var/www directory. Let’s create the actual directory that will host our TAO 3.0.0 Platform.

cd /var/www
mkdir tao300

Git Checkout

Get Composer

In this tutorial, we will use the latest version of composer.phar. To to so, type the following command in your favourite terminal.

curl -sS | php

This will check some php.ini settings (to make sure Composer can be run), and download the latest version of composer.phar in the current working directory. If you can see the following output message, you’re done with this step!

All settings correct for using Composer

Composer successfully installed to: /var/www/tao300/composer.phar
Use it: php composer.phar

Get the Dependencies

Install TAO