This library is intended to connect TAO to an existing user directory and was designed for Tao 3.0.

This pages describes how to use it with TAO 2.6. To use it with TAO 3.0 please follow LDAP Authentication.

The Library can be found on github:



  • Ensure the PHP LDAP module is installed, and enabled for your apache config.
  • Ensure composer is installed (
  • Install TAO as you would normally

TAO 2.6 does not yet use composer for the entire project, but it is used in generis. So in order to add a library:

* place the attached composer.json in /generis

* delete the directories /generis/vendor/doctrine/ and /generis/vendor/easyrdf (they will be recreated)

* change to the directory /generis and run

composer install
  • make sure the newly created files are accessible to your apache user.


TAO 2.6 does not support any Authentication configuration, so the only way to use the LDAP Adapter is to replace the TAO AuthAdapter:

  • replace the file /generis/core/kernel/users/class.AuthAdapter.php with the attached class.AuthAdapter.php
  • modify the configuration in class.AuthAdapter.php to your server


You should now be able to use the credentials defined in you LDAP server to login to TAO.


  • LDAP authentication in TAO 2.6 will replace the Tao user authentication, so you will not be able to use your TAO login anymore
  • LDAP authentication in TAO 2.6. only works for test-takers