LTI Installation

to Install the required extensions in TAO:

  • go to Settings (Upper right corner)
  • open the tab Extensions manager
  • select the extensions ltiDeliveryProvider and ltiProvider
  • click on install and confirm
  • once the extensions are installed, reload the page.

TAO Extensions manager after install

Exchange Credentials

in TAO

  • click on the new tab LTI Consumers on the settings page
  • select the class LTI Consumer and click on add Consumer
  • Name the new consumer and fill in any key and secret you like, callback URL can be left empty
  • click on create (if the consumer does not immediately appear in the list, reload the page)

LTI Consumer configuration in TAO

in Moodle as administrator

  • Go to Site administration and open Plugins (under advanced features) -> Activity modules -> Manage activities
  • Open Settings of the External Tools and click on Add external tool configuration
  • Name your configuration and enter the same Consumer Key and Shared Secret that you used in TAO
  • The Tool Base URL is TAO_ROOT_URL + '/ltiDeliveryProvider/DeliveryTool/launch'. (If you don't know the url of your TAO installation then return to the TAO Back Office home, look at your url and remove 'tao/Main/index'. So if your TAO home is 'http://localhost/tao24/tao/Main/index' then your root url would be 'http://localhost/tao24/'.)
  • click on 'save Changes'

LTI Provider configuration in Moodle

Add the Delivery to Moodle

in TAO

  • Open the Deliveries and select the delivery you prepared earlier
  • Please make sure the delivery has been compiled
  • Now you should have an action without icon called LTI export. Please copy the link it generates.

TAO Delivery Link export

in Moodle as a teacher

  • Open your course in edit mode
  • click on Add an activity or resource, select External Tool and click on add
  • Name your activity and copy the url into the Launch URL field. Right of the URL a green check mark should appear
  • Click on Save and return to course to finish adding your TAO delivery to a Moodle course

LTI Link configuration in Moodle

Testing it

  • Login as a student registered in your course
  • Select the course and click on the activity
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  • Profit