This library is intended to connect TAO to an existing user directory and was designed for TAO 3.0.

To use it with TAO 2.6. please follow LDAP Authentication for TAO 2.6.

The Library can be found on github:



  • Ensure the PHP LDAP module is installed, and enabled for your apache config.
  • Ensure composer is installed (
  • Install TAO as you would normally

Follow the instructions in the GitHub readme by adding the repository and the require to the root composer.json:

"repositories": [
        "type": "vcs",
        "url": ""
"require": {
    "oat-sa/generis-auth-ldap": "dev-develop"

and run

composer update


Follow the instructions in the GitHub readme:


You should now be able to use the credentials defined in you LDAP server to login to TAO.

As this is a new library, please report any bugs you should find to help us improve it.

Additional settings

TAO uses ZendFramework 2 LDAP adapter, list of options it supports and some guidelines on usage can be found here:\#server-options