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  • Articles
  • Style Guide
    • Headings, paragraphs, lists etc.
    • Real buttons as well as elements that should look like buttons.
    • Real checkboxes and radio buttons and fake ones.
    • Color scheme
    • Feedback messages can be of four different types, warning, error, info and success. They are usually build from a div element but most other elements should work as well.
    • The grid is based on a responsive 12-column system. This means that each column has a width between 1/12 and 12/12 of its parent container. You create a column by assigning the .col-* to an element where * stands for the number of units you wish to use. Grid columns must sit inside grid rows div.grid-row and the whole set of rows in div.grid-container.
    • As from version 3.0 on TAO uses a custom font to display icons. More recent versions also offer basic support for SVG icons.
    • Element occupying only the space bounded by the tags that define this element
    • The most common use for tables in TAO is the Match Interaction
  • TAO Hub Documentation
    • An author in this context is the person who first wrote an article, a contributor is everybody else who made modifications or extensions. Tao Hub retrieves them in different ways.
    • To assure consistency all articles, tutorials, FAQ etc. should follow a certain basic structure.
    • Every file can have a set of meta data that are relevant to the TAO Hub. The format used for meta data is YAML and it's enclosed by HTML comments. All meta can be changed at any time and these changes will be taken in account with the next update.
    • Tags associate an article with multiple topics and are displayed under Tags in the site navigation. They can also be added to Tag Groups to better structure the navigation.
  • Technical Documentation
    • This article explains how to use TAO LTI applications with the IMS LTI Tool Consumer emulator
    • A REST api to explore TAO results is available. All results follow the QTI 2.1 standard
    • Theme style sheets are compiled with node.js.
    • How to edit your extension to work with custom themes
    • This article is about heaviliy modifying items which is done with a bit of JavaScript to modify the editor. It is not about trivial changes such as changing the color of items or the font. Code examples are here
    • The font recipes can be used on either the items or the platform. The web fonts are usually generated at Font Squirrel. The directory assets contains the original fonts along with the license and the generator settings used on Font Squirrel.
    • A skeleton item to help you understand how TAO's item HTML is typically structured.

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