Style Guide

All Styles

  • Headings, paragraphs, lists etc.
  • Real buttons as well as elements that should look like buttons.
  • Real checkboxes and radio buttons and fake ones.
  • Color scheme
  • Feedback messages can be of four different types, warning, error, info and success. They are usually build from a div element but most other elements should work as well.
  • The grid is based on a responsive 12-column system. This means that each column has a width between 1/12 and 12/12 of its parent container. You create a column by assigning the .col-* to an element where * stands for the number of units you wish to use. Grid columns must sit inside grid rows div.grid-row and the whole set of rows in div.grid-container.
  • As from version 3.0 on TAO uses a custom font to display icons. More recent versions also offer basic support for SVG icons.
  • Element occupying only the space bounded by the tags that define this element
  • The most common use for tables in TAO is the Match Interaction

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