Meta Data

They can, but do not have to start with a section of meta data. Most meta data, such as authorship, creation date as well as a basic set of tags are taken from Github directly. You can however enhance or override them. The format used for meta data is YAML and it's enclosed by HTML comments <!-- -->.

[More about Meta Data](Meta Data)

Document title

Start every document with a title preceded by #. While obviously every article should be structured in a semantic manner the title element is extra important as it's used for the URL and such. Without a title the document will not appear in the TAO Hub. An exception of this rule ar wiki pages. The title will be generated from the file name and should therefor be omitted. Use ## for the first level of headings.


A short description of what the article is about. This is for instance used in every listing, e.g. the search results. This is not mandatory and can be ommited in shorter articles such as FAQ.

The actual article

Whatever you have to say.


If you are using images etc, place them in the directory resources.

Comments and suggestions