The syntax is like this:

    created_at: 2016-12-19  # single entry
    contributors:           # multiple entries 
      - "Full Name"           
      - "Another Name"     

Types of meta data

They can

  • set a document as index page
  • tell the compiler to discard or to move a document
  • inform about relationships to other documents
  • add meta information to the document

Index or Table of Contents

Some documents are typically used as an index - this is often the case with wiki home pages. If you want them to be used rather than the default generated index set the parameter toc to true.

Discard a document

Maybe your article is unfinished, outdated, an index page that should not be used as such on the TAO Hub - if you want to avoid the publication on TAO Hub you can set skip to true.

Move a document

Many of the documents from the TAO Forge are meant to be moved to an extension wiki eventually - if you set wiki to extension-name the file will be moved to this wiki with the next update.

Note: This feature is not implemented yet but you can start using the tag anyway just now.

Relationships to other documents

If an article belongs to a category you can set parent to Name of the Category. This will have an effect on the document listing where all entries belonging to that category will be nested under the category name. Note that this works with one child-level only!

Meta information

Most meta information is generated from information either found on the legacy TAO Forge or based on GitHub data. There is always a risk that this information is wrong or incomplete. In these cases the generated data can be enhanced, corrected or overridden by adding appropriate meta data.

Date of creation/modification

Set created_at respectively updated_at to the correct dates in the format yyyy-mm-dd (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss works as well).

Authors and Contributors

This is a bit of a complex matter for which a dedicated chapter exists.


There is also a dedicated chapter on this topic.

Common pitfalls

The YAML syntax is key: value, not key:value - there must be a space behind the colon!


It obviously makes little sense to use the below combination of parameters but this sums up the possibilities.

    parent: "Parent Chapter" # Name of the parent chapter
    toc: true                # Use this instead of the generated TOC
    skip: true               # Don't publish this article (or unpublish it)  
    wiki: extension-tao-foo  # Don't publish this article (or unpublish it)      
    created_at: 2016-12-19   # overrides info from `commit`
    contributors:            # overrides info from `commit`, 
      - "Full Name"          # github login works as well
      - "Another Name"
      - "Main Author"        # works like contributors
      - "Another Name"
    tags:                    # extends generated tag set
      - "Some Tag"
      - "Some Other Tag"