Extension for reviewing passed tests, with the display of actual and correct answers, as well as the number of points for each answer.


Run composer require "oat-sa/extension-lti-test-review" for including the code to the project and install extension using extension manager or with CLI php tao/scripts/installExtension.php ltiTestReview.

LTI calls

To run review of specific delivery execution use the next endpoint:


Endpoint without execution parameter (https://YOUR_DOMAIN/ltiTestReview/ReviewTool/launch) will use lis_result_sourcedid field from lauch data to determine delivery execution.

LTI options

Various modes are available to review a test. By default the simplest mode is applied, showing only the test as it was passed, with the student's responses and no score.

The following custom parameters controls the mode:

parameter description
custom_show_score=1 Show the student's score.
custom_show_correct=1 Show the correct responses when the student has failed. Note: This option discloses all the correct responses, for the whole test.

When you use the IMS emulator you must remove the prefix custom_.

Default values

By default the options show_score and show_correct are turned off. To turn them on by default you may change the platform configuration, in the file config/ltiTestReview/DeliveryExecutionFinderService.conf.php:

return new oat\ltiTestReview\models\DeliveryExecutionFinderService([
    'show_score' => false,
    'show_correct' => false

Note: This will set the default value of these options for the whole platform. If you enable them by default, you can still disable them using LTI custom parameters.