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This extension provide functionality to connect Tao instance to Proctorio tool

Using this extension you can use the remote proctoring provider Proctorio tool with TAO

Installation instructions

These instructions assume that you have already a TAO installation on your system. If you don't, go to package/tao and follow the installation instructions.

Note, that you have to be logged in as System Administrator to do this.

Add the extension to your TAO composer and to the autoloEader:

composer require oat-sa/extension-remote-proctoring

Warning! Extension is under private oat project and it's not published in packagist. Please remember to add custom vcs to your composer.json file

  "type": "vcs",
  "url": "git@github.com:oat-sa/extension-remote-proctoring.git"

Install the extension on the CLI from the project root:


sudo php tao/scripts/installExtension.php remoteProctoring


php tao\scripts\installExtension remote-proctoring

As a system administrator you can also install it through the TAO Extension Manager:

  • Settings (the gears on the right hand side of the menu) -> Extension manager
  • Select remoteProctoring on the right hand side, check the box and hit install