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Extension required to advanced search integration with TAO platform oat-sa/extension-tao-advanced-search

Installation instructions

Worker configuration

Event processing related to the indexing isolated within separate taskQueue named indexation_queue. It must be configured to work though RDS broker according to this instruction

Create an Indexer

1) Create a new Migration Indexing Task

Here we need to specify 3 required classes and create them:

  • Normalizer: Convert search result support format of AdvancedSearch.
  • Result Searcher: Execute the search for a paginated index execution.
  • Result Filter Factory: The filter used to segregate the index within many workers.
namespace oat\taoAdvancedSearch\model\DeliveryResult\Service;

use oat\taoAdvancedSearch\model\DeliveryResult\Factory\DeliveryResultFilterFactory;
use oat\taoAdvancedSearch\model\DeliveryResult\Normalizer\DeliveryResultNormalizer;
use oat\taoAdvancedSearch\model\Index\Service\AbstractIndexMigrationTask;

class DeliveryResultMigrationTask extends AbstractIndexMigrationTask
    protected function getConfig(): array
        return [
            self::OPTION_NORMALIZER => DeliveryResultNormalizer::class,
            self::OPTION_RESULT_SEARCHER => DeliveryResultSearcher::class,
            self::OPTION_RESULT_FILTER_FACTORY => DeliveryResultFilterFactory::class,

2) Populate the indexes

To warmup cache

This is necessary to optimize indexation:

./taoAdvancedSearch/scripts/tools/CacheWarmup.sh --help

To populate ALL indexes, execute:

```shell script ./taoAdvancedSearch/scripts/tools/IndexPopulator.sh --help

#### To populate only resources indexes (Items, tests, etc), execute:{#to-populate-only-resources-indexes-items-tests-etc-execute}

```shell script
./taoAdvancedSearch/scripts/tools/IndexResources.sh --help

To populate only resources from one class, execute:

```shell script ./taoAdvancedSearch/scripts/tools/IndexClassResources.sh --help

#### To populate only class metadata indexes, execute:{#to-populate-only-class-metadata-indexes-execute}

```shell script
./taoAdvancedSearch/scripts/tools/IndexClassMetatada.sh --help

To populate only delivery results, execute:

```shell script ./taoAdvancedSearch/scripts/tools/IndexDeliveryResults.sh --help

## Garbage collection{#garbage-collection}

To clean old documents in the indexes:

./taoAdvancedSearch/scripts/tools/GarbageCollector.sh --help

Getting statistics

Execute following command:

php index.php '\oat\taoAdvancedSearch\scripts\tools\IndexSummary'

Output example:

Index vs Storage
  Item (http://www.tao.lu/Ontologies/TAOItem.rdf#Item)
    Total in DB: 14
    Total indexed "items": 14
    Percentage indexed: 100%
    Missing items: 0
  Test (http://www.tao.lu/Ontologies/TAOTest.rdf#Test)
    Total in DB: 10
    Total indexed "tests": 10
    Percentage indexed: 100%
    Missing items: 0
  Test-taker (http://www.tao.lu/Ontologies/TAOSubject.rdf#Subject)
    Total in DB: 6
    Total indexed "test-takers": 6
    Percentage indexed: 100%
    Missing items: 0
  Group (http://www.tao.lu/Ontologies/TAOGroup.rdf#Group)
    Total in DB: 5
    Total indexed "groups": 5
    Percentage indexed: 100%
    Missing items: 0
  Assembled Delivery (http://www.tao.lu/Ontologies/TAODelivery.rdf#AssembledDelivery)
    Total in DB: 0
    Total indexed "deliveries": 0
    Percentage indexed: 0%
    Missing items: 0
  Assets (http://www.tao.lu/Ontologies/TAOMedia.rdf#Media)
    Total in DB: 4
    Total indexed "assets": 4
    Percentage indexed: 100%
    Missing items: 0
    Total in DB: 23
    Total indexed "property-list": 2
    Percentage indexed: 8.7%
    Missing items: 21