Results are stored in the diagnostic_report table.

Most of the thresholds and test requirements can be calibrated via platform configuration.

Workstation performance

Column Content Unit
performance_min minimum time to display an item second
performance_max maximum time to display an item second
performance_sum sum of performance test times second
performance_count number of execution of the performance test
performance_average average time to display an item second
performance_median median time to display an item second
performance_variance time to display an item variance

To evaluate the workstation performances, the Diagnostic tool render 3 reference items in a hidden part of the screen. This is done multiple times (performance_count).

Sample items can be customised so they are representative of the planned assessment.


Column Content Unit
bandwidth_min minimum detected bandwidth Mbps
bandwidth_max maximum detected bandwidth Mbps
bandwidth_sum sum of bandwidth detection tests Mbps
bandwidth_count number of downloaded samples during the test
bandwidth_average average detected bandwidth Mbps
bandwidth_median median detected bandwidth Mbps
bandwidth_variance detected bandwidth variance
bandwidth_duration bandwidth test duration second
bandwidth_size size of downloaded during the test

To estimate the available bandwidth for the workstation, the diagnostic tool download a defined number (bandwidth_count) of packets of various sizes. This number can be dynamically lowered if the detected bandwidth is very slow, so the tool does not overload the network.

The diagnostic tool is calibrated by default so a test taker needs 0.35 Mbps to 0.5 Mbps to pass a test. With this calibration, the necessary bandwidth (bandwidth_average) for 25 test takers taking the test simultaneously is between 8.75 Mbps and 12.5 Mbps.

Upload speed

Column Content Unit
upload_max maximum upload bandwidth Mbps
upload_avg average upload bandwidth Mbps

Workstation configuration

Column Content
workstation workstation id
browser browser name
browser_version browser version
os operating system name
os_version operating system version
compatible compatibility of OS / Browser combination

You can interpret the compatible column in the following way:

Value Meaning
0 OS / Browser combination has been tested and does NOT work
1 OS / Browser combination has been tested
2 OS / Browser combination has NOT been tested

General information

Column Content
version diagnostic tool version
id diagnostic tool execution id
context_id id of test center having run the diagnostic
login diagnostic tool user login
user_id TAO user id
ip workstation IP
created_at diagnostic tool execution date