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Feature flag

You can now define feature flag in environment global variables.

How to use it

You can use feature flag to easily switch off/on parts of TAO functionality.

Feature flag name

It is import tht we will use FEATURE_FLAG prefix for our feature flags to recognise them and they prupose in environment variable list.


To hide/show form fields you can extend AbstractFeatureFlagFormPropertyMapper with your configurable service that has OPTION_FEATURE_FLAG_FORM_FIELDS mapped to list of fields that you want to hide/show.

use oat\taoLti\models\classes\LtiProvider\FeatureFlagFormPropertyMapper;    

return new FeatureFlagFormPropertyMapper(
        FeatureFlagFormPropertyMapper::OPTION_FEATURE_FLAG_FORM_FIELDS => [
                'formField_01' => [

This configuration will display formField_01 when FEATURE_FLAG_NAME is enabled


tao/SectionVisibilityFilter is responsible for listing sections that can be disabled from user. In order to add more sections that have to be disabled/enabled based on feature flag.


return new oat\tao\model\menu\SectionVisibilityFilter(array(
    'featureFlagSections' => [
        'sectionName' => [

This configuration will display sectionName when FETURE_FLAG_01 is enabled.