Tasks within TAO

  • In the TAO main menu select Settings (the gears) -> LTI consumers.
  • Set the label for instance to IMS, the key and the secret to any value.
  • Click on Create.
  • Open Deliveries and select LTI. This creates a URL in the Launch URL field.
  • Go back to your newly created LTI consumer and paste the URL in the Callback URL field.

Tasks on the LTI emulator

  • Open the IMS LTI Tool Consumer emulator.
  • Complete the Registration settings with the values from your LTI consumer.
  • Add the role Learner in User Data > Roles.

If you need to add custom parameters check Display optional parameters and fill in your parameters, using the following syntax:

    proctored=<true | false>
    theme=<string theme_id>

Certain extensions may have there own configuration options.

Eventually click on Save data, then on Launch TP.

Act as a Proctor

The LTI Proctoring extension makes the proctoring interface available via LTI

The endpoint (Launch URL) for this service to proctor a specific delivery is: https://YOUR_DOMAIN/ltiProctoring/ProctoringTool/launch?delivery=YOUR_DELIVERY_URI


https://YOUR_DOMAIN/ltiProctoring/ProctoringTool/launch/{"delivery":"YOUR_URI"}(base64 encoded)

This can be auto-generated for the test taker experience using the LTI button in the deliveries section in the TAO admin user-interface. If using this method you will have to manually update the path to target proctoring.

Alternatively all deliveries can be proctored by omitting the delivery parameter https://YOUR_DOMAIN/ltiProctoring/ProctoringTool/launch

The expected role of the proctor is: urn:lti:role:ims/lis/TeachingAssistant, which means you need to set User Data > Roles to TeachingAssistant

Running Client Diagnostics as a Proctor

  • Set the Launch URL to https://YOUR_DOMAIN/ltiClientdiag/ClientdiagTool/launch
  • Set User Data > Roles to TeachingAssistant