The LTI Delivery extension allows test-takers to take a delivery (delivered test) via LTI

The endpoint for this service to proctor a specific delivery is: https://YOUR_DOMAIN/ltiDeliveryProvider/DeliveryTool/launch?delivery=YOUR_DELIVERY_URI


https://YOUR_DOMAIN/ltiDeliveryProvider/DeliveryTool/{"delivery":"YOUR_URI"}(base64 encoded)

This link can retrieved using the LTI button in the deliveries section in the TAO admin user interface.

Alternatively a configurable link can be used by omitting the delivery parameter https://YOUR_DOMAIN/ltiDeliveryProvider/DeliveryTool/launch

In this scenario the instructor would need to call the LTI service first, and will be presented with a list of deliveries. Once he has chosen one of these deliveries it can no longer be changed. Test-takers subsequently clicking on the same link (as identified by Resource ID) will start the delivery chosen by the instructor.

The expected roles are:

  • Learner for people taking a test
  • Instructor for people configuring a link

Custom parameters:

  • max_attempts Overrides the number of executions allowed on the delivery. Expects a positive integer value or 0 for unlimited attempts. Attempts on LTI calls are calculated per resource_link_id instead of per delivery.

Return Values:

  • log message will contain the status of the delivery execution
    • 100 for an active delivery
    • 101 for a paused delivery
    • 200 for a finished delivery
    • 201 for a terminated delivery