Synchronization logic specific only for the client server.

Available Scripts

List of console scripts available with this package

Sync Package

Controls synchronization packages

Generate Package


php index.php 'oat\taoSyncClient\scripts\tools\syncPackage\GeneratePackage'


Option Description
e Synchronize everything
a Sync ALL data types that was not synchronized
u Sync user data type
d Sync delivery log data type
r Sync results
s Sync test sessions
l n Limit of the data for one package (it means that only n rows will be taken from the sync queue to the package file)
h Help
v Force script to see more details


php index.php 'oat\taoSyncClient\scripts\tools\syncPackage\GeneratePackage' -l 1 -e

This command will generate packages for each row of the sync queue which has not been synchronized yet.