Extension supposed to be used to monitor the status of some services and the correct configuration of the TAO.


Requires the following CRON job on ALL instances (web and workers):

*/5 * * * * root cd /var/www/html/tao && /usr/bin/flock -n /var/lock/tao-InstanceCheck.lock -c "sudo -u www-data nohup /usr/bin/php index.php 'oat\taoSystemStatus\scripts\tools\RunInstanceCheck' 2>&1 >>/var/log/tao/InstanceCheck.log &"

NOTE: For AWS environemnts make sure that both Web Server Role and Worker Server Role have rights to perform:

  • elasticache:DescribeCacheClusters
  • rds:DescribeDBInstances
  • cloudwatch:GetMetricData

Configure \oat\taoSystemStatus\model\SystemStatus\SystemStatusService::OPTION_SUPPORT_PORTAL_LINK of SystemStatusService service with appropriate url to show the link to the Help Desk portal on the Tao's system status page